~ Shaelyn Cataldo ~


 Vulnerability Coach, Holistic Counselor, Journey Dance Facilitator

"Before going through The Spiral with Chrissy I still had many blockages in my system that were holding me back in purpose, passion, service, and in love. Blockages that I wasn’t even fully aware of.

Now that I have completed The Spiral I feel SO much lighter in my system as a whole.
My energy is much more focused. When emotions surface, I am able to allow and release quickly rather than letting them sit in my being for hours or even days.

I dropped into my purpose, passion and vision much more deeply and I discovered that I am much more powerful than I could even fathom. I now OWN my power. Embodying love, peace, joy and freedom. I get to own my fear and use it to nurture authenticity. I get to be the model of what it looks like to accept all emotions.

I’m at home in my own being!


And working with Chrissy has been an absolutely amazing experience.

She guided me through each session with so much love and compassion and helped me to access parts of me that had been buried away for years! She is highly intuitive. I felt like she could actually see into my being.

There was no sitting back or playing small. Chrissy gave me tasks for integration that were sometimes way out of my comfort zone, but expanded my being in ways that I didn’t even know were possible.

She is a one of a kind human being, a master at connecting you with your inner child and seeing you for who you truly are. I've forever grateful. This has been life-changing"  ~ Amy Schopfer


When Chrissy announced she was taking spiral clients I just knew I had to experience this healing, without really knowing much about the methodology. Chrissy was so present and available for every session, and the compassionate space she holds is truly powerful all on its own. Her playfulness and humor is matched by the depth at which she is willing/able to travel with you. 


Before jumping in I was staying stuck in old story, struggling to find my authentic voice and completely blocked around a traumatic childhood event that I was desperately seeking resolution and healing on. 


I looked forward to every session we had together and appreciated how each one built upon the last. The integration work, sometimes simple other times challenging, was exactly what i needed to create forward momentum and lasting change. The energy clears she facilitates are incredible.


By the end of our sessions I felt so connected to myself, spirit and my highest vision. I continued integrating even after our time together and a few weeks later I was able to move though my biggest block and achieved the resolution I had always longed for!!


Making the investment in myself to work with Chrissy has been life changing and I would 100% recommend everyone journey though the Spiral with her! ~ Erin Arbachauskas, Nurse & Health Coach


"So much has come from this pilgrimage with Chrissy.  It began with small changes ~ staying curious about my own triggers, committing to journaling, and celebrating small things. Spending time on identifying my core values and defining what authenticity is to me has helped immensely.  One of the most powerful processes was really awakening my intuition. I feel so much more connected to this part of me now, which was always there... I now know how to tap into it. What I realize is, the gift is me, just as I am.  All that I need is right here within myself. I trust that the wisdom is there and waiting to emerge. " ~ Lacey



"Chrissy is an amazing mentor, friend and spirit. She embodies all aspects of wellness and is vibrant in mind, body and spirit. She guides you on a true emotional level that will nourish you and help you grow. She always has helpful suggestions and is able to assist you from her real life experience and willingness to listen and uncover what is truly happening. No matter what you are in search of she is that guide that will help get you there" ~ Christine


"Chrissy is all about serving others. The first time I met her I opened up about deep rooted trauma because I subconsciously sensed her safe, open nature. She has so much value in regards to healing, especially when it comes to childhood trauma. I can’t recommend her enough. A fearless leader." ~ Natalie


"I have never truly felt seen before until now" - Chelsea


"Chrissy is a beautiful soul filled with love and light to spread on this Earth! I highly recommend her coaching services as she has helped me move through many tough emotional breakthroughs!" ~ Alexis, Divine Purpose Coach