Play ~ Express ~ Come Alive

I have a deep, undying sense that each of us has the potential to live a life guided by intuition, with confidence in our decisions, full of creativity, and driven by a sense of purpose. 

However, without an effective compass to navigate this landscape, we can find ourselves stuck, anxious, overthinking, and fearful. 


While some of these weeds were planted in our childhood long before we had the awareness or the tools to manage them, we get to become our own gardeners now, pulling up what doesn’t serve us and nurturing what does.

I believe that within you is an ocean of wisdom and a playground of creative potential.

My calling is to help you remove the blocks to expressing your magic and Essence and connect with your inner compass.


I use my background in trauma-focused therapy, yoga, leadership training, embodiment work, and holistic healing to create a powerful container for you to reconnect to your inner warrior, heal old wounds, and play in the process of your potential. 

It's a unique opportunity to get undivided, one-on-one attention and guidance around accessing confidence, creativity and Joy.


My coaching is for those who don’t want to hide behind their shadows anymore, are ready to feel into their discomforts, and want a deeper level of accountability and support in living a more empowered life. 

Coaching is virtual, from the comfort of your home, and involves weekly calls and ongoing support to break through old childhood programming and install new beliefs and habits that support your highest self.

I absolutely love being with this work and seeing the incredible shifts people make in their lives and in their perspectives because of it!


~ If you're ready to experience the freedom of feeling truly ALIVE, email me below and let's connect for a free consultation ~

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