Hello Friends!                             

My name is Chrissy Marie, and I'm so glad you've found your way here! 


A lifelong learner born in the Ocean State, US, I love nestling into deep conversations, crafting things with my hands, and wandering outdoors. 

Nature is my muse and my playground.

As a child, painting, writing and crafting were my portals to flow states. I would often find a nook somewhere and get lost in design.  Hours would go by under the strokes of a pencil or paintbrush.


Sometimes I would just stare at the clouds or mossy tree bark, soaking up inspiration and cultivating reverence for that which I did not understand.


It was meditative.


Decades later, I was inspired to return to these spaces of creation with renewed commitment,

and after experiencing the Joy and confidence it's brought to my life,

I've found a calling in providing others with tools and permission to do the same.

My personal mission is to help others create space to love and heal the parts of us that were hurt in childhood, 

reconnect to the innocence and wonder of youth,

and marry this reawakening with the wisdom of our strongest selves.  


My intention for all of us is that we honor the process of learning and rediscovery, 

embrace the unpredictability and pleasure of it all,

create space for wonder,

ask better questions,

& take shit WAY less seriously

There is deep power in community and support, and I look forward to creating possibility with you!

May you connect, May you play, May you heal. 

~ Chrissy


Let's connect to see how I might support you!